Nostalgia for high places.

We have our handy friend and librarian Greg Bem to thank for audio recordings of the last Claustrophobia. Check them out and hear the bats join in the noise.

And photos!





Claustrophobia 19: Tower of Poetry Power

This Friday! At the Volunteer Park Water Tower. IN the Volunteer Park Water Tower!

We will hear the voices of: Chelsea Werner Jatzke
Mark Anderson
Janie Elizabeth Miller
Greg Bem

August 15th, 6pm. 

Come, scale the stairs with us.

Sunday night!

Join us tomorrow for a selection of fine vintages.


Sunday, July 20, 6pm.

Bon Voyage Vintage

110 South Washington St

Seattle, Washington 98122

RSVP on Facebook.


Thomas Walton.

Ambrosia Bartosek.


Kris Hall.


Lydia Swartz.

Claustrophobia 18: A fine vintage

Featuring readings from
Thomas Walton
Ambrosia Bartosek
Kris Hall
Lydia Swartz.

At Bon Voyage Vintage in Pioneer Square, 6pm. Free, but hats will be passed.


Here’s Jeanine Walker from her Liner Notes reading a little while back. She’ll be reading tomorrow, and you can bet the audio will be clearer. Below, see Corinne Manning’s performance from the Greenwood Lit Crawl last April. There will be video forthcoming for Tom Phillips after the reading– it is his debut feature.

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Claustrophobia 17: Lofting

For over two years, Rachel’s spot in Columbia City was homebase for Claustrophobia; we hosted more readings there than any other venue, and did a lot of planning and plotting for non-apartment events there. Well she’s moved, and we figured it’s about time to introduce the new spot to the world with readings from:

Corinne Manning
Tom Phillips
Jeanine Walker

Wednesday, March 5th at 7:30pm. 
903 15th Ave, Apt 3. 

Come, be part of the newness!

The cooling went great. Howabout a warming?


January 12th, 3pm. Chris Gusta, Anna Wolff, Rachel Hug and Shane Guthrie will word-warm
Graham’s Pioneer Square/ID/Downtown studio. Plenty of time to sleep in before, get to bed early afterwards.

Go ahead and rsvp here:

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Getting cool, staying cool

So with an appropriate amount of *ahem* legal warning, Rachel has been alerted that she needs to find a new place to live. Her apartment on letitia not only hosted the very first Claustrophobia, but has served as the starting grounds and planning center for the series since its inception. We figured its only appropriate to say goodbye in style with readings and performances from

Robert Kaye
Bronwyn Isaac
Chelsea Kurnick.

4219 Letitia Avenue S, lower unit
December 27th, 7:00 pm, 2013.

BYOB and food, chilled or not.

RSVP on Facebook, or just show up!